List of Definitions by Column    
  Course number and suffix, if applicable.    
  C = combined lecture and lab course
L = laboratory course
  S/U Grade    
  S/U courses are graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, rather than a standard letter grade.    
  Credits earned    
  VAR = Variable credit
Contact department for details.
  * (Asterisk)    
  Courses with an asterisk include some form of live component. This may include face-to-face classes at an REC, live teleconference sessions at an REC, an online video conference via computer, a live lab component at an REC, or a proctored exam at an REC. A few courses are beginning to use Proctor U for exams. See specific course for details.    
  , or / (Commas or Slashes)    
  Courses with commas indicate there are multiple options of how to take the course, (ie., Web, VC*). See specific course for details.

Courses with slashes require multiple delivery methods are denoted with the required types separated by slashes (ie., Web/SVC*). See specific course for details.
  F2F (Face to Face)    
Face-to-face courses are those taught in person at one of the REC classrooms. In person attendance is usually mandatory. The location is indicated by location acronym, for example, F2F@MIL means face to face at the West Florida REC campus in Milton, Florida. See specific course for details.
  Flexible Learning – Web based course that can be started any time. May only use 6 credits towards degree. Exams may be online or require arrangement of live, proctored exam. May include live web conference sessions.
  SVC (Synchronous virtual classroom)    
  SVC courses use a computer web browser and online software to connect students and faculty in live virtual sessions. Attending may be done from any location capable of logging into the session online, but attendance during specific times may be mandatory. Contact department for details.    
  Delivery method for this class varies, contact department to find out current options.    
  Live class sessions using teleconference classrooms at RECs or main campus locations. Attendance in person is often mandatory, contact department for details.    
  Course material delivered over the Internet asynchronously, primarily using UF eLearning’s course management system.    
CALS Departments
  Non-CALS Department    
  Instructor's name
Staff = Instructor not assigned
  Sem/Year of Course Offering    
  The course is offered every year during the term identified.    
  The last term, or next term offering the course.    
  Indicates a course offered every other year, on either an odd or even numbered year.    
  To be announced. Course scheduled to be taught during listed term, but next year available undecided.