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Distance Education

CALS offers several degree and certificate programs and over 200 courses via distance education (DE). Undergraduate degree completion programs and additional live and videoconferencing courses are offered at various locations (CALS Statewide) outside of the main campus Gainesville.

Distance education gives the student the flexibility to further their education while maintaining other responsibilities such as a full time job or a family. Distance education courses are offered through a variety of formats including the internet, interactive DVD and CD, and videoconferencing. In CALS, we are working on making sure all of our distance education courses meet the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence.

CALS Online and Statewide Courses

Online and at Research and Education Centers

The course listings are being updated. Information is presented as follows:

  • 1. Undergraduate online course offerings
  • 2. Graduate online course offerings
  • 3. Course information key
  • 4. Department locations and course prefix information
  • 5. Departmental contact information
  • 6. Departmental chair contact information

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Distance Programs