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Statewide Locations

CALS students may take undergraduate courses online or at several locations outside of Gainesville. Click the locations on the map or from the list below for more details. We offer several of our undergraduate majors at these statewide locations. CALS is also part of the UF Online program.

state of Florida map Milton teaching site Plant City Teaching site Apopka Teaching site Ft Lauderdale teaching site MCB DE program site

For a complete listing of all statewide course offerings in CALS, hover over the Distance Ed tab in the top navigation bar.

The purpose of the CALS Statewide course offerings is to reach place-bound students. Take a course or two, or enroll in one of the unique programs CALS offers without moving to Gainesville and giving up a job or family responsibilities.

These programs are degree completion in nature. Students earn their associate of arts degree, typically at a state college, and transfer to UF/CALS and complete their degree at the UF/CALS Center. The academic standards, curriculum, and student privileges are exactly the same as those on the Gainesville campus. Transcripts and diplomas are identical to those earned in Gainesville.

Classes are scheduled primarily in the evenings to accommodate the schedules of those that work full-time. Each program is a blend of live and online classes to enhance flexibility and minimize travel. Class size is small, and students develop close working relationships with the faculty, staff, and other students. Each location has a unique learning environment, which includes libraries, classrooms, computer facilities, and excellent field and laboratory facilities.