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Virtual Labs

Connecting to the Virtual Desktop computer lab

Below are step by step instructions for installing the client on your personal computer. Access to the Virtual Desktops is limited to CALS Students, Faculty and Staff.

  • Navigate to
  • You can choose to use the HTML option or install the client.

  • If you choose to use the HTML option, you will see this (Please login with your GatorLink login):

  • If you choose the Client Option please choose your OS below and click Go to Downloads.

  • Go through all the steps (accept the defaults) to install the client. If asked to remove older versions, please do so.
  • Start the program and select, not (being discontinued)

  • Select the CALS Students desktop.

Features You Will Want To Know About

Using the Virtual Desktops allows you to have access to the following software:

  • Acrobat Reader XI
  • Internet Explorer
  • ArcGIS v. 10.2.2
  • ET GeoWizards 10
  • JMP Pro 11
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • R 3.1.1
  • RStudio
  • SGems
  • Mark 7
  • IBM SPSS Statistics
You will have access to your mapped drives the same as in the lab. L(library) and W (student) drives. And you can send things to the printer in the CALS Lab.

Ag and bio students at Okeechobee Field Lab

A CALS student uses the computer lab during its grand opening in October 2012