UF/IFAS Graduate
Student Travel Grant Application

As of the 2008 - 2009 fiscal year, the demand for these travel awards exceeded the funds available and the travel awards can no longer be on a first come, first serve basis. The IFAS Graduate Student Scholarships and Awards Committee have therefore developed a list of priorities to rank students applying for the travel grant, including: 

1. Students who are giving their first paper will be given high priority
2. Students who are presenting just prior to graduation will be given high priority, since potential employers may also be in attendance
3. Students who are traveling internationally, or to expensive meeting locations, will be given higher priority than, for example, students traveling to a regional or national meeting held in Florida
4. Students who are receiving less support from their department will be given higher priority.
5. Students who have received an IFAS travel grant previously will be given lower priority.

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Complementary Funding

Are you applying for other travel grants for this trip ? Mark all that apply.
Research and Graduate Programs

Tropical Conservation and Development

IFAS-Davidson ($300 Domestic; $650 International)

Advisor (specify amount : $ ). To be eligible for this travel grant , you must have funds from your advisor/department.

Student Department or Program (specify amount : $). To be eligible for this travel grant, you must have funds from your advisor/department.

Conferences Sources ( specify amount : $ ).  

Other ( specify amount : $ ).
Estimated Budget Air Fair Economy Only( Specify amount: $)

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Date Expected To Receive Acceptance of Presentation From Conference Organizers. Students will indicate date expected to receive. (MM/DD/YY)