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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Alpha Zeta

Alpha Zeta is an honorary, professional society for students and industry professionals in the agriculture and natural resources fields. Founded in 1897 at Ohio State University, Alpha Zeta is the first and oldest collegiate society for agriculture. Today, Alpha Zeta has more than 115,000 alumni and more than 3,000 student members at 74 universities. We take pride in our commitment to the highest levels of scholarship, leadership, integrity and service.


Alpha Zeta is the professional agricultural organization dedicated to the highest levels of scholarship, leadership, integrity and service.


Alpha Zeta is a global network of diverse agricultural and natural resources professionals recognizing, developing and promoting leaders with common values and integrity.


On November 4, 1897, Charles Burkett, John Cunningham and ten other agriculture students founded Alpha Zeta at The Ohio State University to promote agriculture as a profession through recognition and development of scholarship, leadership, character and fellowship within the college of agriculture.

The purpose of Alpha Zeta is to promote agriculture and life sciences on campus and throughout the community. Alpha Zeta provides many opportunities for high scholastic students to join and become involved in many different activities. There are social advantages as well as chances to grow in character, leadership, and scholarship.

Today, the Florida Chapter of Alpha Zeta is the largest Alpha Zeta Chapter throughout the nation. Our Chapter is involved in campus events as well as service, social, and fundraising throughout the community. Each fall and spring semester, students from the top 40% of the University of Florida's prestigious College of Agricultural and Life Sciences are invited to join. These students will participate in a semester long pledging process before induction into our prestigious honors fraternity. Only the top students with the highest character and leadership skills will be inducted into Alpha Zeta.

For more on the history of Alpha Zeta visit: Alpha Zeta History


Pledging is an eight-week process and occurs during the fall and spring semesters and includes weekly pledge meetings; five hours each of service, fundraising, social events; potluck; and initiation. Throughout the process the pledge class will plan events and make a paddle to have signed by current members and alumni at the University of Florida.

Leadership Conference & Awards

  • National Agricultural Leadership Conference

    The National Agricultural Leadership Conference is Alpha Zeta's annual conference which is usually held during a weekend in March or early April. The focus of this conference is on professional development, leadership training and to exhibit the agriculture industry in the region hosting the event. The weekend consists of workshops and seminars presented by prominent professionals in the agriculture industry. Participants also are able to tour various local agriculture businesses, meet local business professionals and explore graduate programs and internship opportunities that are available to them.

    The Conclave is the biennial business meeting of the Fraternity. It is combined with the NALC in odd years. Each chapter is required by the High Council and National Office to send at least one voting delegate and one alternate to represent the views of the chapter, discuss key issues, and vote on pending motions.

    During the Conference, there are various awards presented by the National Office. These awards include:

    Founder's Cup

    The Founders' Cup is the highest honor bestowed upon a chapter by the Fraternity. The Cup is awarded annually by the National Office to the chapter that best accomplishes the criteria listed below. Although no application is necessary, a chapter representative must be present at the NALC to win.


    The Alpha Zeta Foundation annually awards a select number of outstanding Alpha Zeta student members scholarships based on scholastic achievement, leadership abilities, character, community service and financial need. The students who apply for the scholarships are the best of the best. The National Alpha Zeta Scholarship Program is funded through the Alpha Zeta Foundation thanks to the continuing generous support of alumni. Contributions to the Alpha Zeta Foundation further the goals and success of outstanding students interested in serving agriculture. 

    Middaugh Awards

    The Middaugh Chapter Achievement Awards were established to recognize outstanding programs and projects conducted by the chapters. These awards are given in memory of W. Stephen Middaugh. The purpose of the awards is to: Recognize outstanding chapters for specific achievements, encourage chapters to promote and keep accurate records of projects, encourage alumni and chapter relations and promote group spirit among chapters.

  • Individual Achievement

    Outstanding Officer of the Year

    McClure Outstanding Officer of the Year is awarded annually to officers who demonstrate superior chapter leadership and dedication to his or her office. The award is named for former High Chancellor Fred McClure.

    Outstanding Advisor of the Year

    Advisors volunteer countless hours to Alpha Zeta and the chapter, the Advisor of the Year award is the chapter's chance to say thank you.

    Outstanding Alumnus/Alumnae of the Year

    Through contributions of time, resources and money, Alpha Zeta's loyal alumni sustain the organization and provide value to young members. Their example sets a precedent for future members and future alumni.

  • Chapter Accomplishments

    NALC 2016 (Gainesville, FL)

    • We hosted Nations here at the University of Florida
    • Officer of the year: Morgan Kubis

    NALC 2015 (Raleigh, NC)

    • Founder's Cup (Chapter of the Year)
    • Middaugh Award for Fundraising: Florida Chapter
    • Middaugh Award for Service to Community: Florida Chapter

    NALC 2014 (Ames, IA)

    • G.W. Roach Scholarship Award: Christine Adams

    NALC 2013 (Ithaca, NY)

    • G.W. Roach Scholarship Award: Christine Adams
    • Middaugh Award for Fundraising: Florida Chapter

    NALC 2012 (Fresno, CA)

    • National Censor of the Year: Claire Page
    • National Member at Large: Kaylie Smith

    NALC 2011 (St. Louis, MO)

    • Centennial AZ Scholarship Award: Claire Page
    • National Treasurer of the Year: Charlie Doyle
    • National Chronicler of the Year: Claire Page
    • National Member at Large: Rikki Schwarz
    • Middaugh Award for Service to Community: Florida Chapter
    • Middaugh Award for New Member Development: Florida Chapter

    NALC 2010 (New Brunswick, NJ)

    • G.W. 'Bill' Roach Scholarship Award: Rikki Schwarz
    • Centennial AZ Scholarship Award: Ashleigh Woodruff
    • National Censor of the Year: Kelin Maciejewski
    • National Scribe of the Year: Maggie Paxson
    • National Treasurer of the Year: Sara Molloy
    • National Member at Large: Jean Saunders
    • National Advisor of the Year: Mark Marcojos

    NALC 2009 (Raleigh, NC)

    • Founder's Cup (Chapter of the Year)
    • National Chancellor of the Year: Stacey Halse
    • National Chronicler of the Year: Tim Thomas
    • National Member at Large: Bobbi Jo Sampson
    • National Alumnus of the Year: Mark Marcojos
    • Middaugh Award for Fundraising: Florida Chapter


Kassandra Camejo, Chancellor

Whitney Wilgus, Nationals Contact

Mailing Address:
2020 McCarty Hall D
PO Box 110270
Gainesville, FL 32611