College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


ALSCC provides leadership for CALS students and student organizations, and serves as a liaison between CALS student organizations and UF Student Government. The council stimulates interest among students in the agricultural and life sciences, supports and promotes CALS student organizations, provides programs of interest and relevance to CALS students, and promotes communication between CALS faculty and students. 



Meetings will be held from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in 2025 McCarty Hall D. Meetings are open to any CALS student organization representatives.

Fall 2018Spring 2019
September 13 January 10
September 27 January 24
October 25 February 14 (Will likely be canceled or moved due to February Holiday)
November 8 February 28
November 22 (Will likely be canceled or moved due to Thanksgiving Holiday) March 14
  March 28
  April 11
  April 25


ALSCC is now accepting applications for the ‘Programs/Social Committee Chair’ and the ‘Elections Committee Chair’ positions. 

  1. Programs/Social Committee Chair: This committee is charged with planning programs for monthly meetings, planning and facilitating social events, and conducting other such programs as deemed necessary to facilitate cooperation between organizations comprising ALSCC. The chair of this committee is appointed by the Vice President.
  2. Elections Committee Chair: The Elections Committee is responsible for the preparation and submission of applications, overseeing the election process, tabulating the votes, and certifying the election results. The chair of this committee is appointed by the Vice President. Simple majority is the margin of victory.

 If you are interested for either of these two positions, please APPLY HERE, and send any questions to the ALSCC Vice President, Ms. Autumn Ramsey, at Applications are due May 10. 


  • Student Activity Requisition (SAR)

    To fill out a Student Activity Requisition (SAR) visit:
    Login: Agricultural and Life Sciences College Council
    Password: ALSCCgators608

    Clubs should submit a SAR at least 15 days prior to travel.
    SARs must be completed prior to travel or programs to receive reimbursements.

    For additional information on Student Government Finance, visit

  • Budget Requests

    2019-2020 Budget Requests will be available soon.

    If you have any questions, please contact the ALSCC Treasurer.

  • CALS Club of the Year Recipients
    2019 Collegiate Farm Bureau Club
    2018 Entomology Club
    2017 Entomology Club
    2016 Environmental Horticulture Club
    2015 Wetlands Club
    2014 Ag Econ Club
    2013 Ag Econ Club
    2012 Wetlands Club
    2011 Ag Econ Club
    2010 Environmental Horticulture Club
    2009 Ag Econ Club
    2008 Gator Citrus Club