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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Who are the CALS Ambassadors?

The Ambassadors are a select group of students in the University of Florida’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in academics and student leadership. The CALS Ambassadors' objective is to create awareness of the academic programs and career opportunities in food, agriculture and natural resources among students, teachers, advisors, and the general public in the state of Florida.

How can I become an ambassador?

Applications are open now and must be submitted by Thursday, February 8, 2024 by 4:24 p.m. For any questions, please contact Jenai Collins (email below).

How can the CALS Ambassadors help you?

The CALS Ambassadors are seasoned speakers who regularly address diverse audiences throughout the state of Florida. Ambassadors are available to speak at high schools, community colleges, alumni gatherings, and trade events. You may request to have an Ambassador attend your virtual event by filling out the online request form above.


Jenai Collins

Meet the CALS Ambassadors