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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

CALS Honors Program Courses

CALS Honors Scholars Certificate courses are designed to give you individual and small-class interactions with faculty and fellow students. Faculty get to know CALS Honors Scholars Certificate students, and can help with letters of recommendation and advice on employment and higher degree opportunities.

To complete the CALS Honors Scholars Certificate, you must take ALS 3923 (1 credit Honors Orientation), XXX 4915 (3 credit Honors Project) plus 4-6 additional credit hours of honors courses taken as part of an Honors Course Contract (see below). The 4-6 additional hours must come from upper division courses not previously counted for credit.

To graduate with Honors from UF without completing the CALS Honors Scholars Certificate you must write an honors thesis as part of the coursework requirement.


You can write an Honors Contract on upper-division courses in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences only! We cannot change course titles in other colleges to include Honors - only CALS.

Graduate Courses and UF Honors Courses: UF Honors courses numbered 3000 or above and not previously counted for credit will also satisfy CALS Honors course requirements if you go through the CALS Dean's office, using an Honors Contract form signed by your instructor to create an honors section of a course you are currently enrolled in. Graduate courses are those numbered 5000 and above, and they require the consent of the instructor for you to enroll; contact the instructor directly.

Questions about coursework? Ask your Departmental Honors Coordinator, or the CALS Dean's office.

  • ALS 3923 -- Honors Orientation [Web] (1 cr)

    This course orients students to the CALS Honors Program and assists them in getting started with a thesis project. The course features guest lectures, class discussions, interactive exercises, and online assignments.

  • XXX 4915 - Honors Project (0-3 cr)

    Each CALS department has "Honors Project" or "Honors Research" courses, to be taken while you are working on your thesis project. Outside of CALS, departments may not have a XXX 4915 course, so consult your Departmental Honors Coordinator to determine what to take if your mentor is not a member of CALS. You can use ALS 4915 for this purpose. View the ALS 4915 undergraduate honors project student contract that must be completed before you register for this honors project class.

  • Honors Course Contracts

    Honors Course Contracts involve scholarly inquiry and faculty mentoring linked to upper division courses within your major. Together with your instructor, unique course requirements are developed, and the course receives Honors status. Students must submit the Honors Contract form to the Dean's office no later than 3 weeks after the first day of classes of the semester in which the course is taken. This is the most common way that CALS Honors coursework is completed.