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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

CALS Honors Program Requirements

  • CALS Honor Scholar Certificate Admission Requirements

    Consider applying to the CALS Honors Scholars Certificate program if you meet the following admission requirements:

    • You are a student in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    • You have earned at least 60 credits toward graduation
    • You have an overall UF upper-division GPA of 3.75 or greater
  • CALS Honor Scholar Certificate Graduation Requirements

    Hours: 9 credits with minimum grades of C or S

    Students earning the CALS honors scholar certificate must complete at least nine credit hours of honors coursework and an undergraduate honors thesis. The coursework, thesis topic and thesis adviser are unique to each student and are subject to approval by the CALS honors program director.

    • Maintain an upper division GPA (last 60 hours) of at least 3.75.
    • ALS 3923 Honors Orientation (1 credit).
    • XXX 4915 Honors Project (or similar independent study/research course to be completed as the student is working on their thesis research) (3-4 credits). In each department, there is a course designated for this purpose; register for this during the semester that you are performing or writing your honors project. The zero credit option for XXX 4915 will NOT count towards the CALS Honor Scholar Certificate.
    • Additional Honors courses. Honors course work is identified as such on your transcript. These additional credits of honors coursework (4-5 credits) are taken as:
      • Existing 3000/4000-level honors courses, approved by the honors program director
      • Existing 3000/4000-level CALS courses taken as honors contract courses, approved by the honors program director
      • CALS graduate-level courses, approved by the honors program director
    • Complete an Honors thesis, approved by the research mentor, department honors coordinator and honors program director.
    • Be sure to double check with your departmental Honors Coordinator for any additional requirements.