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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Dean's Circle

The Dean's Circle is an important giving society that provides the CALS Dean with resources to meet the college's highest priorities. The Dean's Circle is reserved for individuals or entities wishing to contribute $500 or more annually.

Dean's Circle funds are used to achieve the college's highest priorities, such as:

  • Innovative curricula such as the CALS Leadership Institute - preparing students for success in a global society through professional development opportunities and study abroad experiences.
  • Funding to attract premier graduate students.
  • Faculty seed grants for teaching innovations and sustaining priority programs.

While yearly memberships are appreciated, the college suggests potential Dean's Circle members consider pledging support for a period of five years. A five-year pledge makes a significant impact in the college's ability to serve students and allows the Dean to plan ahead.

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Dean's Circle Members

  • Tenured $10,000+
    • Mr. Danny & Mrs. Kim Sams
    • Mr. Ernest & Mrs. Norma Sellers
    • Anonymous
  • Chair $7,500+
  • Director $5,000+
    • Ms. Jo Allyson Cattaneo
    • Dr. Nicholas A. & Mrs. Kiley R. Larsen
    • Mr. Jerald S. and Mrs. Jill G. Southwell
    • Dr. Walter A. Wynkoop & Dr. Carrie A. Edelman
  • Advisor $2,500+
    • Dr. Glen A. & Mrs. Em Barden
    • Dr. John R. & Mrs. Barbara A. Chenault
    • Mr. Hugh F. & Mrs. Valerie B. Dailey
    • Mr. Burns & Mrs. Katherine Dobbins
    • Mr. Les & Mrs. Virginia T. Dunson
    • Mr. Johnathan & Mrs. Doris Ferguson
    • Mr. Robert & Mrs. Liska Hooker
    • Mr. Greg & Mrs. Janice Hurdle
    • Dr. Matthew Kirchoff
    • Mr. Bernie & Mrs. Avery LeFils
    • Dr. Brad & Mrs. Amy Lipkin
    • Dr. Craig L. Oldham & Dr. Peggy A. Colleran
    • Anonymous
    • Mrs. Penny Wilson-Weber & Mr. Russell Weber
    • Mr. Rusty & Mrs. Cheryl Woodall
    • Anonymous
  • Fellow $1,000+
    • Raymond E. & Ellen F. Crane Foundation
    • Dr. Matthew & Mrs. Dawn Kozlowski
    • Mr. Jeffrey M. Treffinger
  • Scholar $500+
    • Dr. Craig Singer & Mr. George Garmer
    • Mr. Thomas E. & Alice W. Hart
    • Dr. Marvin Miller


Taylor Johnson, UF/IFAS Advancement